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EV RP-01-0808 (WIRIO3 Remote I/O Controller)

WiFi/Ethernet Connected

  • Connection is from the device connected to server.
  • Once the system is powered up, it will auto-create a persistence connection to the server without user intervention.
  • The server can be placed either in the public cloud, private cloud, or LAN.
  • The device is able to work behind firewall.

Internal Power Supply with DC/DC converter to reduce power wastage

  • Input DC 12V to 24V.
  • Reverse polarity protection.

Build in with onboard input and Output Port

  • 8 input ports and 8 output ports.
  • Able to configure the input port as I/O input or user push-button input.
  • Push button input able to detect single press, double press, triple press, and long press (press and hold for more than 4 seconds).
  • Provide the number of input on/off cycle counter to prevent missing cycles.
  • Wet contact output design using MOSFET thus support up to 30V 1A output current without the wear and tear of the relay contact.
  • Suitable for Non-Inductive Load. For Inductive Load, please control the Load through a relay.
  • The output port can be configured as standard High/Low output or Pulsed output.
  • Configurable pulse duration (configure separately for High level and Low-level periods) and the number of pulse cycles when triggered by the server.

Auto Fetch Real-time Clock from Internet Time Server

  • Auto connects with the Internet Time Server to fetch the Real-time value (EPOC Time) when the network is connected.
  • Auto-readjust the time drifts periodically.
  • Append the EPOC time to all the messages.

The direct link with USB Connection

  • Easily link up with the device without connecting to the network.
  • Suitable for direct connection with PC/Host system locate beside the device.
  • Just add an extra JSON layer of the wrapper to wrap around the same JSON messaging standard used in the MQTT Broker Server communication.
  • Thus provide an easy path for future system expansion, from localized system architecture to network-based system architecture.

Network Link with MQTT Broker Server

  • Open Standard protocol and readily available either using paid version or free version of MQTT Server.
  • Messaging format based on JSON Format.
  • JSON messaging format is supported by various programming languages and easily integrated into any existing system.

Easy Setup and Configuration

  • The system configures with Android Apps.
  • Provide detail device properties, e.g., model number, version number and etc.
  • Connectivity selection either using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB Link.
  • Upload WPA Enterprise Server private/public key.
  • Server IP/Domain Name Setup.
  • DHCP/Fix IP.
  • Internet Time Server Setting.

FW-Bus for I/O port expansion

  • A short distance (Up to 8 meters) communication bus.
  • Allow attaching external I/O Expansion Unit.
  • Maximum up to 7 units of I/O Expansion Unit, thus providing up to 64 units of the input port and 64 units of output port (Including the Onboard I/O port).
Dimensions10 × 6.8 × 4 cm
Input Voltage

DC 12V to 24V

System Power Consumption

5W Max

Spare 12V Power Consumption

5W Max

Operation Humidity

20 % ~ 90 % RH

Operation Temp

25°C ~ 45°C

Storage Humidity

10%-95% RH

Storage Temp

0°C ~ 85°C

Enclosure Type



100Base-T RJ45


2.4Ghz ~ 2.5Ghz

Tx Output Power

Up to +20dBm on 11b mode

Rx Sensitivity

Up to -91dBm on 11Mbps

Supported Wi-Fi Protocol

802.11 b/g/n

Supported Security Protocol

WPA/WPA2 personal, WPA Enterprise

Encryption Protocol


Antenna Type

Internal PCB Antenna

Server Connection

MQTT with TCP or Web socket connection (Support Encrypted connection, SSL/TLS with CA/Self-signed Certificate or Non-Encrypted connection)

Server Port

User Definable

Messaging Base Format


Output Port

8 Channel

Connection Type

N Type Sink to Ground when on

Max V+ Voltage


Max Sink Current Output

1A (Non-Inductive Load)

Input Port

8 Channel

Max Sink Current Input