Robotics Solution

KUKA Robotic Arm Automation

Implementing robots is made much faster and easier with human-robot collaboration (HRC) and cobots, and an altogether new kind of automation is feasible with humans and machines working together. Cobots, such as the LBR iiwa and LBR iisy*, undertake unpleasant and non-ergonomic activities while humans control and supervise production. The robots may work close to the human operator and conduct production stages with them hand-in-hand because of their sensitive skills.

HIWIN Robotic Arm Automation

The HIWIN Robotic Arm module utilizes professional standard manufacturing technology developed over the years, with the ball screw and magnetic slide design module developed and produced by themselves,  HIWIN applies to all types of automation equipment due to its features of easy installation, small size, high-precision, and various specifications.

Universal Robots - Certified System Integrator

Universal Robots is a Sky-Tag Robotics design and integrates innovative, cost-effective, robotic solutions for complicated applications to everyday tasks. From little stand-alone systems to huge integrated processes, they have provided custom-made robotic automation systems for industries of all types.

Nachi Robotics System

Nachi Robots technology features a state-of-the-art robot controller (FD) and software to simplify the implementation of manufacturing robots.

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