EV TU-03-C02/C04 (WiRIO3 2/4 Channel UHF RFID Tag Reader)

WiRIO3 two-channel or four-channel fixed based UHF Gen 2 smart reader has high integration and excellent performance. It operates in Malaysia with allocated RFID frequency ranges of 919MHz to 923MHz with frequency channel auto hopping. The device is running on a dual-core 240MHz 32bit CPU capable to perform up to 600DMIPS.


Built in with IEEE802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi STA connectivity that can connect with WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point. Thus, provide a secure Wi-Fi connection with the backend management server. The device also provides and easy configuration method by making use of the Android Application provided. The administrator is able to set up the Wi-Fi Credential which includes downloading the WPA2 Enterprise Server CA certification and user key certificate through the Android Application. The server communication is based on an MQTT broker, with JSON as messaging formatting, thus providing an easy path and shorter turnaround time for server development and integration.

Dimensions11.5 × 9 × 5.5 cm
Operating Frequency

919Mhz – 923Mhz

Operation Temp

25°C ~ 50°C

Storage Temp

0°C ~ 85°C


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