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EVS-201 (Industrial IoT Environment Sensor)

Wi-Fi/Ethernet Connected Industrial IoT Device

  • Once the system is powered up, it will auto-create a persistent connection to the server without user intervention.
  • The server can be placed either in the public cloud, private cloud, or LAN.
  • The device is able to work behind a firewall.

Network link with MQTT Broker Server

  • Open Standard protocol and readily available either using paid version or free version of MQTT Broker Server.
  • Messaging format based on JSON format.
  • JSON messaging format is supported by various programming languages and easily integrated into any existing system.

Direct link with USB Connection

  • The device also can be configured to use USB Connection without connecting to the network.
  • Suitable for direct connection with PC/Host system locate beside the device.
  • Just add an extra JSON layer of the wrapper to wrap around the same JSON messaging standard used in the MQTT Broker Server communication.
  • Thus provide an easy path for future system expansion, from localized system architecture to network-based system architecture.

Device’s sensors with MEMS

  • Build in with Micro-electromechanical systems sensors (MEMS) technology.
  • Highly accurate and fully digital output direct from the sensors.
  • Sensors are calibrated and accuracy is guaranteed by the sensor manufacturer.

TFT display

  • Colorful TFT display design
  • Eye-caching of the sensor reading from afar.

Auto fetch real-time clock from Internet Time Server

  • Auto-connect with the Internet Time Server to fetch the Real-time value (EPOC Time) when the network is connected and the Internet link is
  • Manually set time by the server if the internet link is not available.
  • Auto-readjust the time drifts periodically.
  • Append the EPOC time to all the messages.

Easy setup and configuration

  • The system configures with Android Apps.
  • Provide detailed device properties, E.g., model number, version number, etc.
  • Connectivity selection either using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB Link.
  • Upload WPA Enterprise Server private/public key.
  • Server IP/Domain Name Setup.
  • DHCP/Fix IP.
  • Internet Time Server Setting.


  • Build in with a ventilation fan to suck in surrounding air to have
    better gas sensing sensitivities.
  • Industry-grade enclosure for better protection and durability.
Input Voltage

DC 5V through USB-C Connector

System Power Consumption

5W Max

Operation Humidity

10% ~ 95% RH

Operation Temp

25℃ ~ 85℃

Storage Humidity

10%-95% RH

Storage Temp

0°C ~ 85°C

Enclosure Type

Durable Industrial ABS and Acrylic Casing with build in ventilation fan

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Model SHT-Cx By Sensirion

Temperature Accuracy


Relative Humidity Accuracy

2.5% RH

Operating Range

0~100% RH, -40~125°C

NH3 and H2S Gas Sensor

Electrochemical Gas Sensor fully calibrated by sensor manufacture




NH3: 0~50PPM, H2S: 0~5000PPM

Initial Setup Period

Less than 3min

Response Period

Less than 30 second

Recovery Period

Less than 60 second

Operating Frequency


Supported Wi-Fi Protocol

802.11 b/g/n

Antenna Type


Security Protocol

WPA/WPA2 personal, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise

Encryption Protocol



RJ45, 10/100 Mbps

Server Connection

MQTT Broker with TCP, TCP-TLS, Web-Socket Connection

Server Port

User Definable


Public CA, Self-Signed Certificate

Messaging Format



NTP auto RTC update